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Jenkins Khan Jenkins Khan by PMSIpilot

Jenkins Khan, manage feature branches with Jenkins. Seamlessly.

Jenkins Khan Dashboard Create a build branch


Jenkins Khan is a PHP tool that helps you manage a Jenkins integration server.

With Jenkins Khan you can easily launch different jobs on your working branches and check the result of each job grouped by your branches.


If you’ve ever tried to use Jenkins with feature branches, you know that’s not the right tool for this situation. It's kind of a mess to check your jobs state on every branch. We need an overview. Jenkins Khan is a tool over Jenkins to ease the testing of you feature branches.


Jenkins Khan uses Jenkins' API to retrieve the configuration, jobs, jobs parameters, views, statuses, etc. You just have to register your Jenkins URL in Jenkins Khan and enjoy the fun.

Technology stack

Jenkins Khan is a standalone LAMP project.
It is based on common web technologies:

You can easily install it on your own server.


Jenkins Khan is an open-source project.
It is published under MIT license.

How do we use it?

Here, at PMSIpilot, when we have to work on a feature, the workflow is this one:

So, Jenkins Khan is here to help us follow the execution of the tests run branch by branch.

Because we have a lot of tests suites, we don't launch all of them on each feature branch. So, we choose the most relevant jobs, launch them and start working on another feature while tests are running.

Having a simple view displaying which jobs have been launched branch by branch, and the statuses of these feature branches, is important to us.

Why use Jenkins Khan?

Jenkins Khan Jenkins CI
Jenkins Khan Board Jenkins CI Board
  • Branch view oriented
  • User friendly interface
  • Plugged on top of Jenkins
  • Schedulable jobs
  • Job view oriented
  • 3 click from homepage to branch's job
  • Too much information




Documentation is hosted in the project wiki on Github:


Get the source code on GitHub and use pull requests to improve it.


Jenkins Khan is an open-source side project of PMSIpilot, developped by:

Thanks to the PMSIpilot team for their suggestions and support.